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Due to a history of civil conflict, ineffective leadership and poverty, there exists an imminent need for sustainable economic development in Uganda. This internship aims to support grassroots organizations doing a variety of community advocacy work. Such projects include providing HIV/AIDS and medical services, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, organizing and economically-empowering community groups by providing business and financial training, microfinance and encouraging reinvestment of capital. They also offer start-up supplies such as livestock to encourage efficient agricultural practices. Each intern will be sent to work on-site with a Ugandan CBO to aid in project implementation and to experience first-hand grassroots organizing.

Program Model
The 8 week program will last tentatively from June 1-July 31:
A detailed schedule of the internship program will be provided to interns at a later date.

Week 1: Team Orientation in Kampala
Weeks 2-7: Interns split up and travel to their respective sites for the internship programs
Week 8: Team Wrap-up 
The Orientation and Wrap-up sessions will consist of group activities and workshops. While at their internship sites, interns will complete their programs with their respective CBOs. Specific programs will depend on the chosen CBO. 

Tentative Cost of Internship Program: $4500

Ugandan CBO Partners
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