2010 Summer Interns

Miranda Patterson


Miranda Patterson is a sophomore at UNC studying International Studies with
a minor history. Her passion lies in people. She loves learing about
different cultures and their way of life. Her dream is to visit every
continent. She is excited about traveling to Uganda this summer and knows
it will be a once in a lifetime experience. While there, she hopes to make
a positive impact in the lives of the adoloescent girls at New Hope
Orphanage. Miranda thoroughly enjoys all types of music. Her favortie
artist is hands down Michael Jackson. She also enjoys soul food, New York
City, reality television, and road trips.

Lauren Visser


Lauren Visser, a native North Carolinian from Wilmington, is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is studying Environmental Science. Her specific interests lie in the connection between the environment and public health. She is involved with research at the School of Public Health and plans on pursuing a joint M.D. and MSPH after graduation. Locally, Lauren volunteers with Durham Public Schools at Riverside High School through Young Life and on campus with APPLES. She is an avid runner, travel enthusiast and adventurer!

Zhujun "Scarlet" Liang


Scarlet's biggest dream is to travel and explore every amazing land in the world. As an international student from China, she studies in America to experience its brilliant culture. She's so trilled that she has the chance to visit this amazing land, Uganda, and work with its people this summer!

Colleen Murphy


Colleen is a junior from Chapel Hill, majoring in History and Geography and hoping to go to law school one day. She loves to play sports, travel, do crossword puzzles, and read National Geographic.  She is so excited to spend the summer in Uganda, because she knows she is going to meet wonderful people and that the experience is going to change her life.

Jamila Reddy

Jamila Reddy is a third year Sociology Major and Dramatic Arts Minor at UNC Chapel Hill. Her passions are social justice and the arts. She hopes to pursue a M.A in Performance Studies and PhD in Sociology, and to someday write books that make enough money to travel and comfortably raise children (while being an activist, an advocate, and a feminist all the while).  The excerpt below is from one of her favorite poems, “Instructions for a Body” by Marty McConnell. It explains better than she ever could what it is that drives every day of her existence, and it is her dream to live these words each day.
“GIVE THANKS, or go home a waste of spark. SPEAK, or let the maker take back your throat. MARCH, or let the creator rescind your feet. DREAM, or let your god destroy your good and fertile mind. This is your  warning, this is your birthright. DO NOT LET THIS UNIVERSE REGRET YOU.”

Regina Andrade

Regina Andrade is a sophomore at UNC-CH and is majoring in
International Studies with a minor in Chemistry. She grew up in the
great southern state of Tennessee and Nashville is her true home. Her
family is from El Salvador which she has only visited twice in her life
but plans to go again at some point. She plans to go to medical school
in the future although she is still undecided on what type of doctor
she wants to be. Her favorite pasttime is laughing until she cries with
friends. The main passion she has is to travel to learn new languages
and cultures while helping people medically. Her favorite quote
is from Gandhi, "be the change you want to see in the world" and her
embarrassing secret is that she little knows every line from almost
every Disney movie.

Avery Bullock


Avery Bullock is a freshman chemistry major and Chinese minor from Pensacola, Florida. Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, she loves the beach, water, and seafood. Her parents have always emphasizes travel, so it has always been a life goal of hers to travel to Africa. She also loves to be around and work with children, and cannot wait to spend time with the children in Katosi. Thanks to experience with multiple hurricanes, she’s had some preparation of living with no electricity and hopes that this may help prepare her some for her experiences in Uganda. She also has a very large fear of spiders, which she knows may at times become problematic.  Her favorite books are Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Going to Uganda and working in Katosi fulfills two of her biggest passions- exploring new places and appreciating different cultures.

Emily Unks


Emily Unks is a junior from Asheville, North Carolina. She is majoring in
Biology and minoring in Chemistry, and would like to pursue a career in
medicine. Outside of her pursuits in medicine, Emily is interested in
ballet and was a dancer for fourteen years. She likes to consider that she
is talented in other fields as well, as exhibited by the fact that she
makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich. Emily is excited to experience the
healthcare system specific to the Ugandan people, and hopes to be a great
addition to the deep level of patient care that exists there.

Julia McEwen


Julia McEwen is a 19 year-old freshman from Durham, North Carolina.  She has not yet declared a major but is interested in global public health and international studies.  There are few things she loves more than being outside on a pretty day, traveling, and being a student at the best school in the world.  She has wanted to go to Africa for as long as she can remember and cannot wait to arrive this summer!